WAGGA WAGGA welcomed Box that Changed the World – the Container Exhibition, an exhibit that explores the “technical, economic, environmental, social and cultural impacts of containerisation”, according to a media release from NSW Ports.

NSW Ports, a major sponsor, collaborated with the Australian National Maritime Museum to create the exhibition, housed entirely within 20-foot containers, which has already seen more than 200,000 visitors at Darling Harbour and Wollongong.

NSW Ports CEO Marika Calfas said on opening day in Waga Waga, “Container is a valuable educational resource. By supporting and contributing to its creation NSW Ports is helping the community understand the crucial role ports play in our lives and in the economy.”

The exhibit displays six colourful containers, each presenting a different theme for which people can learn about the cargo industry: ship, cargo, port, ocean, build and things. The last theme of things, a glass-fronted container exhibiting the origins of everyday house objects, gives the total number of kilometres travelled by sea by the objects within the container (887,082 km) as an interesting fact.

“Containers connect us with the global markets and support our lifestyles,” Ms Calfas said.


“They connect Wagga Wagga and the Riverina region with overseas export markets and bring overseas products destined for the region into the country. The beauty of an exhibition in containers is that is can travel throughout NSW to reach as many people as possible.”