BAD weather has affected shipping operations around Sydney and the Hunter region, sources have confirmed.

The Bureau of Meteorology reported strong winds and heavy rains at times along the coast on Tuesday and “large and powerful surf conditions” on both Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Sydney Morning Herald noted one of the two eastbound lanes was closed at the M5 East Cooks River tunnel due to flooding early on Tuesday before being reopened soon after.

Port of Newcastle senior manager corporate communications Sam Collyer confirmed an impact albeit the port “continues to operate”.

“The shipping schedule is being adapted in light of the unfavourable weather and in close communication with Port Authority NSW,” Mr Collyer said.


“The harbour master makes the call on safe navigation.

“Each vessel is assessed on a case-by-case basis for its suitability at the time of each scheduled movement.”

Mr Collyer indicated winter weather disruptions were far from rare.

“This type of temporary weather event is quite common at this time of the year and does not have any lasting impact,” he said.

“As conditions ease, we expect the schedule to return to normal relatively quickly.”