ENGAGE Marine recently hosted Young Shipping Australia for a tour on board their tugs boats at their base in White Bay, Balmain.

The day began with a presentation and discussion session, which gave the attendees an insight into the background of Engage Marine and their insights of the shipping industry from within.

After lunch it was all aboard the tugs for a view of their inner workings. Attendees were able to roam from the depths of the engine room to the highs of the master’s chair.

A tug near Sydney Harbour Bridge. Credit: YSAL

Tug tour done, it was time for a tour of Sydney Harbour, and the tugs (and its Masters) were able to show off the manoeuvrability of the vessels.

It was definitely an unexpected surprise to see and feel the tug boats mimic the actions of the harbour jet boat rides, but nonetheless a thoroughly enjoyable experience.


As we learned, tugs are hardly small vessels but they are typically dwarfed by the massive cruise liners, container ships, and other large scale ships they assist.

They are an essential part of the shipping industry, but are often overlooked and overshadowed (figuratively and literally) by the ships that tow.

However the capabilities of a tug are extraordinary, from the power ratio to the 360 degree manoeuvrability, and its important to remember that without them, the larger ships wouldn’t be able to come into port to load and unload its cargo.

An Engage Marine tug at dock. Credit: YSAL

Young Shipping Australia would like to thank the Engage Marine team at White Bay for providing such an eye opening and interactive experience. It is already a highlight for 2019!

Young Shipping Australia would also like to thank Mission to Seafarers who were kind enough to help with transport.

Words from Carol Cheng, YSAL