WHARF One at the Port of Mackay hosted the heavy-lift vessel Pauwgracht, operated by BigLift Shipping, earlier this week.

The cargo onboard was a part of a ship loader, from BHP Billiton Mitsubishi’s Hay Point Coal Terminal. It weighs about 230 tonnes and is about 50 metres long.

After unloading, the cargo was transported with remote-controlled, self-propelled modular trailers to the laydown area in the port grounds.

A new outer shuttle, which arrived at the Port of Mackay via road last month, will be lifted onto Pauwgracht to be shipped back to BMA’s Hay Point Coal Terminal.

North Queensland Bulk Ports CEO Nicolas Fertin said the logistical operation took months of planning and again highlighted the capacity of the port.

“This latest arrival follows the growing number of ro-ro vessels to berth at the port in the last year,” he said.

“The Port of Mackay is strongly positioned to accommodate the safe and efficient transfer of large equipment and materials throughout the region and reduce the logistical challenges associated with road transfers.

“We have facilitated the transport of diverse break bulk OSOM cargo, from heavy mining equipment to 135-tonne dump trucks to longwall equipment – including roof supports, conveyor systems, railway lines and wagons and accommodation units.”