DAMEN Maaskant and New Zealand based seafood company Sanford Limited have signed a contract for the design and build of a new scampi vessel.

Both companies joined in a close co-operation for the development of a purpose-equipped and laid out vessel for Sanford’s operations in the Southern Ocean.

The vessel design is based on the Damen Sea Fisher 3210.

Pim Schuurman, regional sales director of Damen Shipyards said: “We are very grateful that Sanford gives us the confidence by ordering a fishing vessel that will contribute to Sanford’s target of reducing the carbon footprint from its direct operations at sea.”

The fishing vessel, with a diesel-electric system and modern freezer, will be built in Stellendam at Damen Maaskant, the Damen yard specialised in fishing vessel newbuild and repair since 1948. Delivery is expected in 2025.

According to a statement from Damen, the vessel design for the scampi fisher vessel was created as a result of “intensive and pleasant” co-operation between Sanford and the management and technical teams of Damen Shipyards, Damen Maaskant and the Damen Representative for New Zealand.