THE fire-ravaged ro-ro vessel Fremantle Highway has been towed away from shipping lanes as part of an operation to salvage the ship.

It has been almost a week since a fire broke out on the Fremantle Highway off the coast of the Netherlands, killing one crewmember and injuring others.

Three salvage vessels arrived at the scene late last week to control the blaze. Salvors briefly boarded the ship once temperatures dropped, enabling them to attach new tow lines.

Reuters has reported that Fremantle Highway has arrived at a new, temporary location, away from shipping routes and sheltered from the wind.

A spokesperson for the Dutch ministry Rijkswaterstaat told local media (quoted by Reuters) that relocation was an intermediate step in the difficult salvage operation.

The latest footage from the Fremantle Highway incident (as of Tuesday morning) shows the ship under towage and with no visible smoke. The blaze had lasted for several days.

The ship is reported to have been carrying almost 500 electric cars in its cargo of 3783 vehicles.

Fremantle Highway (IMO 9667344) is a Panama-flagged vehicles carrier built in 2013.