SPIRIT of Tasmania and shipbuilder Rauma Marine Constructions have announced three Tasmanian contracts for the new Spirit of Tasmania vessels.

The local contracts will see the installation of water and drinks systems and other machines in the fit-out of the two new ships.

Spirit of Tasmania IV and Spirit of Tasmania V are being constructed at the RMC shipyard in Finland, scheduled for delivery in 2024.

Challis Water Systems & Maintenance is to supply water filling stations for the new ships, Tasmanian Independent Beverage Systems is to supply the beer and post mix system equipment, and Vanquad Vending is to supply arcade games.

The businesses will also provide maintenance services when the ships start operating in the Bass Strait.

Challis Water Systems & Maintenance owner Matt Challis said his business would install 10 water refilling stations on each vessel.

“We support as many local business and suppliers are we can, and we think it is great that sourcing locally is being emphasised on this project,” he said.

“To have TT-Line utilising local materials and services is a great thing and I hope to see other big businesses following its lead.

“Securing a job of this size is reassuring and shows big businesses can look locally for large scale initiatives.”

Tasmanian Independent Beverage Systems operating manager Rick Cabalzar plans to travel to Finland during the final stages of the build to help install the beverage systems.

“This is the first time we will be travelling overseas for work, so this is a real jackpot,” Ms Cabalzar said.

“We have worked really hard in our business and to secure something of this magnitude with only a small team is something we have just dreamt about.”

RMC formally started construction of Spirit of Tasmania IV earlier this year when the first steel was cut at a ceremony at the RMC facility in Finland.

The new ships will be a similar design to the current Spirit of Tasmania vessels, but will feature substantially larger capacity for passengers, passenger vehicles and freight.