ASX-LISTED energy company Provaris has engaged classification society DNV to review the design of Provaris’ H2Neo hydrogen carriers.

DNV will look at Provaris’ hydrogen cargo containment system.

Provaris expects to commence construction and testing of its prototype tank in the first quarter of 2024 and complete construction in the second quarter of the year.

If the prototype tank testing is successful, it would secure necessary design and technology development approvals to commit to shipbuilding projects for the H2Neo compressed hydrogen carriers.

Provaris intends to work with DNV to qualify the H2Neo design and hydrogen containment tanks.

The work program will also involve Norwegian company Prodtex, which will be involved in construction, and SINTEF, which will be responsible for prototype testing and reporting.  

Provaris chief technical executive officer Per Roed said the prototype testing program is an exciting phase of the technical and H2Neo approvals program.

“We continue to see an increasing demand for safe and cost-effective solutions to store and transport gaseous compressed hydrogen, and to be able to validate our proprietary solution through prototype testing can be a game changer to unlocking a significant market opportunity,” he said.

“Our focus has been to establish a strong team of contributors and partners on this journey, and the engagement of DNV will further strengthen the N2Neo Class approval.”

DNV global business director gas carriers Martin Cartwright said transporting hydrogen securely and efficiently would be one of the linchpins of the energy transition.

“To make sure that this market can really take off, we need to draw on the lessons we have learned from other fuels and build from a sound technical foundation,” he said.

“This is why we are very pleased to be working with Provaris, bringing DNV’s experience, expertise, and co-operative spirit to help them deliver this innovative concept.”