STENA Bulk’s new conceptual Infinitymax hybrid bulk carrier, which it says is a zero carbon, multi modal, electric vessel.

The vessel is designed to carry both dry and wet cargoes in modular compartments.

Stena Bulk said the design is a response to the challenges that the global shipping industry must overcome in the coming decades.

“The design envisions a world in which the shipping industry plays a crucial role in supply the world with renewable energy, chemicals, materials and consumables,” the company said.

“In a proposed advancement that could be considered as impactful as containerisation was for intermodal freight trade, the creation of standardised and modular cargo units that can carry dry bulk, liquid bulk or liquified gas products – such as methane, hydrogen or ammonia – will significantly streamline the process of transporting wet and dry bulk cargoes.”

Each of the vessel’s modular cargo units are self sufficient in terms of energy use, with wind turbines and solar panels generating the electricity necessary for their internal systems.

The modular units are designed to be able to be dropped off outside ports and picked up by tugs, which can help avoid congestion and decrease call times, according to the company.

The Infinitymax vessel is designed to be semi-autonomous, while still being crewed for safety reasons.

Stena Bulk president and CEO Erik Hånell the concept vessel design pushes the boundaries for the future of the industry.

“What we are proposing here is innovative, provocative and would radically reshape the way we think about bulk trade, rationalising two segments with complimentary expertise into one shipping segment that is ready for the challenges of the future,” Mr Hånell said.

“The application of advanced technologies – including hydrogen fuel and other efficiency measures – means that this is a vessel concept that proves our core philosophy that innovation is key to commercial success, given the challenges that we all face. We will continue to work closely with our innovation partners, leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the right advances happen to make the Infinitymax concept into a reality.”