CHAMPIONS of diversity and leadership are celebrating their achievements in the wake of the Maritime SheEO Awards 2023.

The awards ceremony concluded the Maritime SheEO Conference in Mumbai on 21 November.

Australia’s own Alison Cusack of Cusack & Co was among this year’s winners, taking out the Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

In a video shared at the awards ceremony Ms Cusack said she was thrilled to receive the award and thanked her team for supporting her vision for the industry.

“I want to give a huge, big thank you to [Maritime SheEO founder] Sanjam and her team for having these events, having these awards, promoting women and really trailblazing and supporting and lifting up women in this amazing community,” she said.

Jillian Carson-Jackson, who presented at the conference and accepted the award on Ms Cusack’s behalf, said the awards recognised aspects of diverse leadership including board diversity, champions of diversity, allyship and lifetime achievements.

She said the Entrepreneur of the Year Award recognised Ms Cusack’s work to bring unique digital tools into the maritime industry.

“As a woman in maritime, she has set up her own company as well – Cusack & Co,” Ms Carson-Jackson said.

“What was being recognised is that vision that she’s had, and the ongoing work that she’s doing to really bring and highlight diversity, equity and inclusion within her own realm of expertise and the scope of those who she engages with.”

Kruti Jobanputra, director of JW Ventures, was also awarded Entrepreneur of the Year.

Ms Carson-Jackson also highlighted the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award, HK Joshi, who is the former CMD of The Shipping Corporation of India.

“She has been a shining light for women in maritime management positions in India for many, many years, and it was such a pleasure to see her receive that Lifetime Achievement Award.”

Ms Carson-Jackson said Maritime SheEO is the brainchild of Sanjam Sahi Gupta, who founded the organisation to promote women in the maritime industry.

Ms Carson-Jackson facilitated a session on psychological safety during the event, focusing on the importance of feeling safe and valued in the workplace.

“It was a great opportunity, and I had amazing people on my panel who shared their stories and the importance of working in a very safe environment,” she said.

“Maritime SheEO is more than a conference. It’s got activities all year long.”

Ms Carson-Jackson pointed to the the Maritime SheEO website for more information about creating the next generation of women in maritime leadership, and diversity as a whole.