BIMCO has appointed a leader for its new Belgium office, which opened today (1 November).

Gudrun Janssens is now manager, intergovernmental engagement at the new office in Brussels.

Ms Janssens was previously head of environmental and technical affairs at the Royal Belgian Shipowners’ Association. She had been in the role since 2019.

She has also served as director, maritime safety and environment at the European Community Shipowners’ Associations in Brussels.

“I am delighted to be joining BIMCO at a time when the shipping industry is facing unprecedented change, challenges, and opportunities, and look forward to representing members’ interests from right here in Brussels,” Ms Janssens said.

BIMCO highlighted Ms Janssen’s experience in the area of ship recycling and her participation in waste management initiatives.

The organisation said it wants to be closer to the EU decision-making process and to expand its global reach.

BIMCO deputy secretary general Lars Robert Pedersen said the organisation opened an office in London last year to be close to the International Maritime Organization and decision-making processes.

“Opening the office in Brussels was inevitable at a time when our industry works towards decarbonisation, and EU regulations have significant impacts on the entire industry and the environment,” he said.

BIMCO is headquartered in Copenhagen. Its existing offices are in Athens, Houston, London, Shanghai and Singapore.