TODAY we’re marking International Women’s Day here at the DCN, along with many others around the world.

It is important to acknowledge maritime women in a field historically dominated by men and find ways to encourage more women to join this vital and vibrant industry.

We all must recognise the remarkable achievements of women in the shipping and maritime logistics industry, but we must also recognise the profound hurdles still impeding progress.

As only 2% of the operational maritime workforce is female, there is much work ahead of us.


DCN publisher Lloyd O’Harte said the cause is particularly important to the DCN organisation.

“DCN wholeheartedly supports International Women’s Day and those striving to achieve gender equality in the workplace” he said.

“DCN prides itself as being at the vanguard of recognising this movement, as demonstrated by our inclusion of the inaugural Women in Shipping & Maritime Logistics Award and Gender Diversity Award at the recent 2018 DCN Australian Shipping & Maritime Industry Awards.”

Mr O’Harte said both of these awards (won by Jeanine Drummond from Ports Authority of NSW and Port of Townsville, respectively) were incredibly well supported and celebrated on the night and showed how cognisant the industry is of the need for change.

“While there is much to be proud of with an unprecedented increase and number of women working in the Australian shipping and maritime logistics workforce, there is clearly still much to be done,” Mr O’Harte concluded.