THE GLOBAL Maritime Forum is considering launching a Neptune Indicator 2.0 to collect and communicate data on seafarer wellbeing.

GMF began publishing the monthly (now quarterly) Neptune Declaration Crew Change Indicator in 2021 to monitor crew change challenges during the pandemic.

But the Neptune Indicator for the second quarter of 2023 will be the last indicator in its current form.

“The indicator was launched to acknowledge seafarers as the frontline workers of the maritime industry, spotlighting the vital role they play in ensuring the global flow of goods that the world depends on,” GMF said.

“In its two years, the indicator has shifted from a monthly publication to a quarterly publication. However, there is no longer as much to report.

“In collaboration with its relevant partners and stakeholders, the team behind the Crew Change Indicator will review key learnings from the initiative and investigate the need for an updated Neptune Indicator focused on collecting data on seafarer wellbeing.”

GMF said Neptune Indicator data has remained stable for the past year. Participating ship managers have been reporting pre-pandemic conditions for performing crew changes.

The second quarter indicator reports that 1.9% of seafarers from the sample size have remained on board vessels beyond the expiry of their contracts, and 0.1% have remained onboard vessels for more than 11 months.

The percentage of seafarers vaccinated increased to roughly 96.6%.

“For now, we want to thank ship managers Anglo-Eastern Univan Group, Bernhardt-Schulte Ship Management, Columbia Shipmanagement, Fleet Management, OSM, Synergy Group, Thome, V. Group, Wallem and Wilhelmsen, for their great contribution to the Neptune Indicator,” GMF said.