THE CREW of Sea Swift landing craft Albatross Bay rescued the crew of a sinking trawler on Tuesday night.

Albatross Bay was en route from Cairns to Horn Island at around 1800 when it received an emergency call from AMSA’s Joint Rescue Coordination Centre.

The JRCC told the crew a nearby trawler, Santiego, was in distress and uncontactable, Sea Swift said.

After several unsuccessful attempts to contact Santiego using VHF radio, a request was made for Sea Swift’s vessel to divert to the scene.

When the Albatross Bay crew arrived at the scene it determined the trawler was “sinking and unsalvageable” and deployed the landing craft’s rescue vessel.

The Santiego crew reported the main engine was underwater, the generator had failed and the batteries were flat.

The Albatross Bay crew helped the Santiego crew off the trawler and onto the landing craft with personal belongings.

According to Sea Swift, the Santiego crewmembers were unhurt, calm, and responsive.

Sea Swift managing director Chris Pearce said he was proud of the crew’s response to the emergency.

“Our team’s swift action and expertise exemplify Sea Swift’s commitment to safety and service in Northern Australian waters,” he said.

“Sea Swift is made up of expert marine, maritime and vessel professionals, and we are very proud of the life-saving actions of our team yesterday evening.

“Our thoughts are with the crew of the Santiego having undergone such an ordeal and are hugely relieved and pleased all crew members are safe.”

Mr Pearce said Sea Swift ensures all crew, staff and workers are trained to work safely and reliably.

Shipping company Sea Swift has operated in Northern Australia since 1987.

The Albatross Bay crew brought the Santiego crew aboard