THE MARITIME Charities Group has appointed Tim Slingsby of Lloyd’s Register Foundation as the charity’s new chair.

Mr Slingsby is director of skills and education at Lloyd’s Register Foundation.

His introduction as Maritime Charities Group chair follows the retirement of Commander Graham Hockley from the charity.

The Maritime Charities Group is a UK-based alliance of ten major seafaring charities, including Lloyd’s Register Foundation, ITF Seafarers’ Trust, the Merchant Navy Welfare Board, Nautilus International and The Seafarers’ Charity.

“Over the past four years, under Graham’s skilful and steady leadership we really have become the collaborative force for good that we want to be – and now is the time to build on that,” Mr Slingsby said.

“With the knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm of every single member, I want to enable MCG to become much more than the sum of its parts, providing a voice for all seafarers.

“And with the weight of the foundation behind me we will have access to networks, to evidence, to expertise and to two and a half centuries of heritage that will enable us to strengthen our reach and our influence.”

Cdr Hockley said he has been working with the Maritime Charities Group since 2009, and feels “extremely positive” about what he is handing over.

“We’ve made really good progress in the last three or four years, especially on collaboration and diverse thinking,” he said.

“In my time as chair we’ve had many changes around the table including more women in senior roles which has brought new energy and new ideas.

“It’s time for new, younger blood and Tim will be brilliant. I know he will continue to champion these issues and take the MCG onto the next level.

“He’ll bring new vigour to the role with new contacts and a totally independent perspective.”