TWO trainee pilots have completed traineeships with North Queensland Bulk Ports, earning their marine pilot licences and pilotage area endorsements for Port of Hay Point.

Over the course of the traineeship, Gene Lowry and Tomlin Morgan were involved with 137 shipping movements accompanied by NQBP pilots. The process included observations, mentoring, and regular evaluations by a qualified check pilot.

Their training program incorporated theoretical and practical components, including familiarisation activities, inductions, ship simulations, and ship model training blocks.

At the end of this they received their pilot licence and Hay Point Level 3, allowing them to navigate vessels up to 230 metres in length in and out of the Port of Hay Point.

Both new pilots have accumulated more than a decade of experience working at sea before joining the NQBP training program.

Mr Lowry’s maritime journey started straight out of school when he ventured into commercial fishing. From there, he worked on commercial ferries, private boats and vessels in the oil and gas sector off Western Australia.

Mr Morgan’s entry into the industry included a cadetship through the Australian Maritime College, combining years of sea time and college. After studying he worked in roles such as Chief Mate on a drillship in the oil and gas industry as well as aboard cruise ships.

Mr Lowry said, “My family and I were pursuing a career shift to allow me to be home in a location that can support our future needs”.

Mr Morgan echoed this: “Having worked at sea on ships for over a decade, I was looking to move ashore into a town and employer that offered a sense of community and purpose.

Over the next few years, they are committed to honing their skills and advancing their pilotage area endorsements up to Hay Point Level 1 (including mentor and check pilot training) to achieve Port of Mackay Level 1 down the track.