FLINDERS Port Holdings chief executive Stewart Lammin has been re-appointed to the role of chair of Ports Australia for the next two years, where he will serve his second term.

Mr Lammin said he looked forward to representing South Australia again in the national body, and appreciated the opportunity to chair an organisation which would oversee such a significant industry and its contributions to the Australian economy.

“Ports are central to Australia’s supply chain, with 98% of our trade coming and going through our ports,” Mr Lammin said.

“With a strong network of ports around Australia, we are reducing the cost of living for Australians as goods are imported and exported efficiently, and we are increasing the competitiveness of our goods in overseas markets.”

A spokeswoman for Ports Australia said the body welcomed Mr Lammin as chair for a two-year term.

“Mr Lammin has extensive experience in the port industry and is well respected across the sector,” she said.

“Ports Australia also congratulates Anthony Donald, CEO of TasPorts who was re-elected as deputy chair.”

NSW Ports CEO Marika Calfas is also deputy chair. She was not up for re-election and remains in her role.