A DISPUTE between tug business Engage Marine and two labour unions has been referred to the Fair Work Commission in Sydney.

The application to deal with a dispute involves Engage and the Australian Institute of Marine and Power Engineers and the Australian Maritime Officers Union.

Deputy President Binet of the FWC is hearing the case.


A spokesman for Engage Marine declined to comment when approached by Daily Cargo News.

But a spokesman for the AIMPE said the disputes related to concerns from employees about proposed changes to hours of work and the consultation process set out in the enterprise agreement.

Also listed in the FWC is a case involving the CFMMEU (Maritime Union of Australia Division) v Northwest Crewing Pty Ltd & Sea Crewing Australia Pty Ltd.

Comment has been sought from these parties.

Engage Marine provides port operations services to several industries. Based in Perth, Engage Marine also has operational bases in the Pilbara, Whyalla, and Melbourne.