SVITZER Australia chief commercial officer Ivan Spanjic has been appointed Svitzer’s first global head of green ports.

The global towage company created the new Green Ports role due to a rise in demand for green ports and green shipping corridors.

Svitzer’s head office in Copenhagen announced Mr Spanjic’s appointment on Thursday (9 February), effective immediately.

Mr Spanjic will also continue in his role as Svitzer Australia CCO, balancing responsibilities across both positions.

Svitzer CEO Kasper Friis Nilaus said Mr Spanjic’s role would be central to helping customers adjust assets and operations to become more sustainable.

“Ports and partners across the marine supply chain have long recognised the importance of growing sustainably and responsibly, contributing positively to the communities in which they operate,” Mr Nilaus said.

“Svitzer welcomes the opportunity to work collaboratively with these stakeholders and share our experience and insights developed from serving port operations around the world.”

Mr Nilaus said it was a privilege to be appointing internally for the new role.

“Ivan brings to the role his immense passion for customers, sustainability, and innovation, as well as his proven track record as chief commercial officer for Svitzer Australia over the last five years.

“Ivan is recognised for his partnership approach and strong relationships throughout the maritime sector, and I am delighted to have him in this new role.”

Mr Spanjic said he is “incredibly excited” to begin work as global head of green ports.

“This role is particularly exciting, as the decarbonisation challenge is a highly important but complex and demanding task,” he said.

“I firmly believe this global issue is best tackled through a partnership approach rather than each member of the supply chain ‘doing it alone’.

“My key objective in the new role is to create long-term, sustainable value together with our partners and work together with them to drive decarbonisation in the sector.”

Mr Spanjic said customers are interested in understanding how to meet the decarbonisation challenge and operate sustainably.

“Through our scale, global experience as well as local knowledge, we have a range of tools and insights that can help them in doing so,” he said.

Mr Spanjic is to report to Svitzer chief commercial officer Videlina Dimitrova Georgieva.

Svitzer Australia also recently promoted Shafaq Rahman to deputy chief commercial officer.