THE FEDERAL government is looking at how Australia’s Green Economy Agreement with Singapore can accelerate and promote decarbonisation technologies in shipping.

Federal minister for infrastructure and transport Catherine King met with Singapore’s acting minister for transport Chee Hong Tat on Friday to discuss the 2022 agreement and the opportunities for maritime.

They also discussed the potential for further engagement and collaboration between the two countries low-emissions maritime and port operations.

“The Australian government is committed to reducing emissions across all transport sectors, including by establishing a green and digital shipping corridor between Singapore and Australia to reduce maritime emissions,” Ms King said.

Australia and Singapore first announced plans for a green and digital shipping corridor last month. The initiative would bring together ports, maritime and energy operators and regulators.

“I am pleased to advise that my department and the Singapore Maritime and Port Authority are working closely together towards deployment of these solutions in a Green Shipping and Digital Corridor in 2025,” Ms King said.

She said her visit to Singapore was an opportunity to detail the government’s plans to develop a Maritime Emissions Reduction National Action Plan, which would aim to chart a green transition for Australia’s maritime sector, underpinning collaboration with other nations.

“I was pleased to be able to visit the Singapore Maritime and Port Authority during my trip to examine their shipping operations and port control, leveraging from their world-leading experience in the operation of port facilities,” Ms King said.

“We also discussed our sustainability ambitions for aviation. Under the Green Economy Agreement both countries will discuss how we can cooperate on sustainable aviation growth while reducing emissions.

“We will also work together in the International Civil Aviation Organization to pursue global aviation environment initiatives.

“This includes how our two countries can help progress the long-term global aspirational goal for international aviation of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

“I look forward to continuing to drive down transport emissions in Australia while being a leader and maintaining our strong overseas partnerships.”

Ms King’s visit to Singapore follows her trip to International Maritime Organization headquarters in London this month.