TEAM Global Express has announced a strategic $480 million seven-year partnership with Texel Air Australasia.

Global Express, one of the largest domestic air freight networks, will partner with Texel Air Australasia, a subsidiary of the Bahrain-owned cargo airline Texel Air.

The announcement from Global Express today reported that four Boeing 737-800 aircraft will join Global Express’ domestic air freight fleet.

The four new aircraft will replace existing aircraft in Global Express’ current fleet of 40 aircraft.

Global Express say the new partnership, which commenced in June, will support 59 Australian jobs, 39 of which are based in Queensland.

Each of Texel’s 737-800’s boasts a 4000kg increase in cargo capacity when compared to the aircraft they replace, intending to bolster the company’s existing schedule by completing larger shipments on tighter deadlines.

Owned by Allegro Funds, Team Global Express operates an extensive intermodal network across Australia, utilising trucks, ships, aircraft, and rail to facilitate logistics solutions.

Global Express highlighted that with 430 of their total 520 weekly flights servicing regional communities, the new aircraft will enable more parcels along regional flight paths, including additional pickups at destinations like Port Hedland, Norfolk Island, and Karratha.

Global Express Group CEO Christine Holgate said the partnership will advance the reliability and speed of the company’s air freight services; “In a country as vast as Australia, air freight plays a vital role in connecting distant cities and transporting essential goods such as lifesaving medications, perishable goods, machinery equipment and livestock”.

“The new planes contribute towards a 20% improvement in cargo capacity, which creates a greater carbon saving per parcel.”

Global Express also noted their commitment to sustainable freight, highlighting that the new 737-800 aircraft have an increased fuel efficiency of 5 percent compared to the aircraft they will replace.