SHIPPING company ANL has announced a program aimed at encouraging staff to get away from their desks and give back to local communities.

The concept, called Volun-TEU, was the initiative of the Melbourne office.

With about 15 staff launching the first event last Wednesday – ANL, CMA CGM and APL reported success taking part in the ‘Real Meal’ program, held by the Big Umbrella Foundation which seeks to eradicate poverty.

Held in two key places in Melbourne CBD, team members alongside volunteers of the program delivered dinner to those in need.


CMA CGM cargo management officer Sandeep Pant said it was a stunning night and a real eye opener to see such phenomenal charity work carried out.

“So many people got involved to provide a meal for homeless around the city and I was amazed when I discovered these activities had taken place for so many years, it really showed their dedication, passion and positive attitude,” Mr Pant said.

ANL marketing assistant Luc Leyat also found the experience highly rewarding.

“I really enjoyed giving my time as a volunteer and sharing a smile with others,” he said.

“Most of the people we met were very warm and kind, despite all the difficulties they face. They were smiling and laughing even though they didn’t know where they were going to sleep that night or the next week.”

In the later months of this year, other volun-TEU events are to include another collaboration with the Big Umbrella Foundation.