AUSTRALIA has donated $200,000 to the International Maritime Organization’s Integrated Technical Co-operation Program.

The program’s sole purpose is to help developing maritime states build up their human and institutional capacities for effective compliance with the IMO’s regulatory framework.

The program gives special attention to the particular needs of African countries, small sialnd developing states and least-developed countries.

A statement from the Australian Maritime Safety Authority said enabling all maritime states to comply with international maritime laws contributes to reliable shipping and aviation links around the world, which are vital to regional stability, sustainable development and disaster resilience.

“Australia donated $200,000 to the IMO’s Integrated Technical Co-operation Program, which assists developing countries to comply with the IMO’s regulatory framework,” the statement said.

“Australia has requested the funding be used to develop programs in the Indo-Pacific region and small island developing states and least developed countries, in addition to programs that support women in maritime and seafarer welfare around the world.”

Other sources of funding for the program include the IMO’s Technical Co-operation Fund; multi-donor trust funds established to target specific issues; bilateral arrangements with governments and organisations that provide financial and in-kind support; one-off cash donations; and other arrangements.