AUSTRALIA’S bulk grain exports were 40.6 million tonnes for 2021-22 and exceeded the previous season’s record by 22%, according to the ACCC’s most recent Bulk Grain Ports Monitoring Report, published on Friday.

This followed a record total grain production in 2021-22 in Australia of 65.7 million tonnes, an increase of 11% on the previous record in 2020-21.

“Two consecutive seasons of record high-volume harvests created strong demand for export services, and most grain export terminals experienced either the same level or an increase in the number of exporters using their facilities compared to the previous year,” ACCC Deputy Chair Mick Keogh said.

The ACCC’s annual Bulk Grain Ports Monitoring Report details exporter and port terminal service providers’ market share, as well as capacity utilisation at Australia’s bulk grain port terminal facilities. This aims to provide industry with timely and consolidated market data and analysis not readily available from other sources.

A record number of 32 exporters participated in the national bulk grain export market in 2021-22, including two new mobile loader operations. However, several facilities are predominantly being used by a small number of exporters.

“The addition of new mobile loader operations provided extra options and pathways to export Australian grain at a time of record demand,” Mr Keogh said.

“While additional bulk export facilities were a welcome development, it is unclear whether the recent increase in the number of port terminal services providers and exporters will prove to be a long-term trend,” Mr Keogh said.

The ACCC said it has limited information about the quality of service provided by port terminal services providers, as it does not receive service providers’ financial information, the terms and conditions of access provided to exporters, nor information on the broader supply chain.