CLASSNK and Lovoy have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to cooperate with development and implementation of more user-friendly safety management systems (SMS). 

Lovoy, a research and development corporation, has highlighted that many SMSs have grown so complex that they lose sight of the end user – the seafarer.  

If procedures are user-friendly, people will use them more with reduced risk of mistakes.  

The industry faces many new requirements making user-friendly SMS design even more critical.  

Introducing elements such as LNG fuel will likely make SMSs even more complicated. 

ClassNK has engaged in SMS audits for 6,000 vessels and 800 companies to ensure that each system complies with regulations.  

The society has also worked to provide valuable insights and tools for enhancing safety practices. 

Both parties have agreed that overly complex SMSs are not only a problem but also an opportunity for improvement.  

With the signing of the MOU, the two parties will join forces to support and improve safety at sea. 

Captain Naoki Saito, the general manager of maritime training and education department at ClassNK, said the partnership will increase safety.  

“To support the shipping stakeholders’ ongoing and steadfast pursuit of safety, ClassNK is committed to examining every possible approach to ensure elevate safety standards,” Captain Saito said. 

“I am pleased to join hands with Lovoy in exploring potential and measures that will contribute to this endeavour.” 

Captain Terje Lovoy, senior partner at Lovoy, said the two companies can simplify SMSs. 

“Quality is not a quick fix, it’s about making lasting change,” Captain Lovoy said. 

“ClassNK is a world leader in quality management. Together, ClassNK and Lovoy will make a lasting change by training companies to permanently stop their own people from putting unnecessary complexity into their SMSs.”