MISSION to Seafarers Sydney has teamed up with Port Authority of NSW to offer a voyage on the new response vessel Burra.

The adventure on Sydney Harbour is the prize of an online raffle launched by MtS to kick off this year’s Winter Appeal.

Burra is one of two response vessels launched earlier this year, as the fastest response vessels ever commissioned by Port Authority of NSW. The fire-fighting vessel was purpose-built to respond to major on-water incidents.

As Burra is a working vessel, the 90-minute trip for four, donated by the port authority, will be a rare experience for the winner and their guests.

Twenty-twenty-three raffle winner Jannion Kaufmann shared the trip with her son and two granddaughters. She said they loved every minute of the experience.

“The crew were amazing – so kind, helpful and lovely to be with,” Ms Kaufmann said in a note to MtS.

“They told us so much about their work, the Burra and the sights we were seeing; they took us over just about the whole harbour. Standing on deck as we ploughed through the water was magic.”

The annual Winter Appeal aims to support the maritime charity as it continues to run its Sydney mission centre and care for visiting crews.

MtS Sydney said all funds raised from the raffle will go towards ensuring a warm welcome to the centre for visiting seafarers this winter.

“As people consider their end of financial year giving, we hope they remember that all donations to us over $2 are tax-deductible and will help provide hope and renewal for seafarers from over 60 countries,” MtS said.

MtS Sydney welcomed more than 6300 seafarers last year, and made more than 370 visits to ships, hospitals and hotels.

The centre received more than 800 parcels and mail items for seafarers to collect, and it delivered $37,400 worth of goods to seafarers on board.

The mission’s goal in 2024 is to reach and serve even more seafarers than it did last year.

The raffle will be drawn on Monday 15 July. The winner may take the trip on a mutually agreed Saturday in 2024.

For more information about the competition and to purchase tickets, visit the Winter Appeal Raffle page here.