ALISON Cusack, the founder and principal lawyer of Cusack and Co, has been named on the list of the Top 100 Women in Shipping. 

The maritime lawyer is an influential force in the maritime community and spent four years as the Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association Australia president.  

Ms Cusack placed 58th on the list headed by Mia Krogslund Jørgensen, the head of people, culture, and strategy at the world’s largest tanker company HAFNIA. 

The United Kingdom, Greece, Denmark and Central and South America were the countries and areas where most of the votes were cast.

Ms Cusack was the only Australian named on the list and she told DCN what the recognition meant to her. 

“That dreaming big and aiming high is the first step to the next step,” she said. 

“Other’s people’s negative opinions on the limit of your potential should always be ignored. 

Ms Cusack said it was important to recognise women in shipping with initiatives like the top 100 list.  

“I’ve been told more times than I can count that speaking out would ruffle feathers and hinder my career,” she said.  

“It clearly hindered me right onto this list. It also amplifies my voice on industry matters like gender equity and seafarer welfare. What’s the saying – ‘be so good they can’t ignore you’. 

Ms Cusack wanted to thank some of her long-time friends who have supported her along the way including industry male allies like Matthew Harvey KC, Dr Patrick Cook and Captain Adam Roberts.  

She paid tribute to women supporters and mentors like Danella Wilmshurst and Commander Alisha Withers (RAN).