INMARSAT Maritime has launched a new bonded network service for maritime communications.

NexusWave was designed to provide high-speed connection, unlimited data and global coverage at sea through a single provider.

The service integrates multiple high-speed networks in real time and aims to ensure managed performance levels regardless of the vessel locations or requirements.

The product also offers enterprise-grade firewall security trusted by global enterprises and governments, according to Inmarsat.

“Maritime operators face ever-growing demand for data consumption and speeds on board their vessels, coupled with the operational challenges of connecting worldwide while ensuring the security and efficiency of their communications,” Inmarsat Maritime president Ben Palmer said.

“Meeting all these requirements typically relies on multiple, disjointed solutions, resulting in a complex patchwork of data caps, speeds, and coverage, in addition to unverifiable cyber security.

“At a time when reliable communications are a competitive advantage, maritime operators are seeking a value proposition tailored to their needs and rooted in high performance, certainty and targeted outcomes.

“This is where NexusWave fulfils all of those demands, and more.”

NexusWave is fully managed by Inmarsat, who intends to continuously enhance it over time.