HD HYUNDAI Heavy Industries has been awarded an approval in principle from Korean Register to develop an ammonia-fueled PCTC.

The Next-Generation K-Ammonia Storage & Powered PCTC was designed by HD Hyundai Heavy Industries with participation from Hyundai Glovis and G-Marine Service.

The AiP was announced at shipping exhibition Posidonia 2024. Korean Register suggested that the ammonia-fueled ship would be developed to match a global shift to greenhouse gas-reduced, zero emissions marine transport.

Ammonia is considered a green fuel as it does not emit greenhouse gases, which has led to interest in recent years from a number of shipping lines as to its potential use as a marine fuel.

However, challenges stand in the way of ammonia being widely developed as a marine fuel, including costs of production and its inherent toxicity, both as a corrosive agent and harmful inhalant to humans.

HD Hyundai said it took the characteristics of ammonia into account in the vessel’s design. It includes an ammonia fuel containment system which is specifically designed to handle ammonia’s toxicity and corrosiveness.

Korean Register stated that it verified the technical suitability of this system based on classification rules and domestic and international regulations, with Hyundai Glovis and G-Marine Service jointly participating in the risk assessment process.

Seungho Jeon, senior executive vice president of HD HHI, spoke to how the next-generation design demonstrates the company’s commitment to pursue eco-friendly transportation.

“The Next-Generation K-ammonia Storage & Powered PCTC developed this time applies HD HHI’s market-leading eco-friendly technology. We will continue to pursue technological development to achieve carbon neutrality as a leading company in the maritime industry” he said.

Kyujin Yeon, senior vice president of Korean Register, said, “This AiP has laid an important foundation for the commercialisation of ammonia-fueled car carrier ship technology. Based on this, KR will work to support not only ammonia fuel propulsion technologies but also decarbonization technologies for our customers.”

HD Hyundai is not the only shipping company to express interest in the development. In April this year Japanese company K Line joined an industry group led by ITOCHU Corporation with the intent of commercialising ammonia-fuelled ships.