EX-TROPICAL cyclone Lincoln is likely to redevelop into a cyclone by Friday morning with ports in the Pilbara region in its way. 

The Bureau of Meteorology says the cyclone could impact the west Pilbara or northern Gascoyne coast on Friday and Saturday, possibly as a category two system. The cyclone is also likely to cause very rough seas, which could cause flooding in some low-lying coastal areas.  

Lincoln is a fast-moving system so heavy rainfall may not be widespread as it approaches and crosses the coast.  

But it could dump 100 to 200mm in its path.  

The ports of Dampier, Ashburton, Varanus Island and Cape Preston West are being cleared as Lincoln approaches. 

Activities include securing loose objects, reviewing draft and tide conditions, and liaising with terminal operators. 

Pilbara Ports has told DCN that its primary focus is ensuring safe operation at its ports. 

“Pilbara Ports is very experienced in managing cyclonic events and has robust plans in place to safely manage the risk to our employees, customers and infrastructure,” a Pilbara Ports spokesperson said.  

“Port infrastructure is designed with cyclonic activity in mind and we assess the ports extensively following cyclones to ensure it is safe to resume port operations. 

“We remain in contact with all terminal operators and vessels currently in the port, and we work to facilitate the safe departure of all vessels in a staged manner.” 

Pilbara Ports has been clearing all vessels and port anchorages from the port and will continue to liaise with the Bureau of Metrology to monitor weather conditions in anticipation of closing the port. 

“Heavy rain, tidal changes and gale force winds can potentially damage infrastructure in the port, so vessels are safer at sea during cyclones,” the spokesperson said.  

Pilbara Ports will provide regular updates on its website.