THE LINER Shipping Game, an educational tool created for the maritime industry, will soon be rolled out in Oceania.

Sydney-based strategic advisory firm MPC International has partnered with LinerGame to bring the game to Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific, and to adapt it to the Oceania market.

The Liner Shipping Game is a simulation-based tool, though unlike digital simulation found in modern training facilities, this game is a physical, hands-on business simulation reminiscent of a board game.

But the game a sophisticated training product, designed to “immerse participants in the complexities of container shipping and supply chain management”. Players assume roles in a shipping line to develop skills in profitability enhancement and sustainable operations.

The game also aims to enhance team-building and decision-making skills.

MPC International’s partnership with LinerGame aims to ensure workshops in the region are insightful, impactful and reflect the needs of the Oceania market.

MPC International managing director Peter Creeden said the firm was thrilled to collaborate with Lars Jensen and Niels Rytter, the visionaries behind LinerGame.

“This partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to elevate educational standards in the shipping industry through innovative tools and approaches,” Mr Creeden said.

“The Liner Shipping Game offers an unparalleled opportunity to enhance the strategic capabilities of professionals in the maritime sector.”

Mr Rytter, a co-founder of the game, will join the MPC International team in September and October to launch the workshops.

“We are excited to bring our simulation expertise to the vibrant markets of Oceania and look forward to seeing how professionals across the maritime industry can leverage our game to achieve greater success and understanding in their fields,” Mr Rytter said.

MPC International intends to use the game to enhance team building; provide tailored training for shipowners, port operators, ports, terminals and freight forwarders; and develop specialised training that addresses challenges unique to the region.

More information about upcoming workshops is available on the MPC International website.