BULK, breakbulk and forest products specialist G2 Ocean will have new custom tonnage at hand after shareholder and pool partner Gearbulk placed an order for up to four ammonia/methanol-ready open-hatch vessels in China.

The fleet expansion, involving two firm and two optional orders for 82,300 DWT ships at CSSC Huangpu Wenchong Longxue for delivery from 2027, follows an earlier, similar order by fellow shareholder and pool partner Grieg Maritime Group due in 2026.

G2 Ocean is the world’s largest shipping operator in the open-hatch segment and operates a fleet of over 120 open hatch and conventional bulkers, across 32 trade routes on six continents.

The company operates a monthly service between Australia/NZ and North & East Asia, calling Port Adelaide, Portland, Newcastle, Gladstone, Port Kembla and Bluff, and Qingdao, Taicang, Fangcheng, Kaohsiung, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Toyama and Busan. Not all ports are called every voyage.

G2 Ocean CEO Arthur English said the next-generation vessels would not only improve G2 Ocean’s carrying capacity but also contribute to its commitment to becoming a net-zero emissions company by 2050.

 “Collaboration with our shareholders, Gearbulk and Grieg Maritime Group, on design alignment, reflects our shared commitment to growth as well as meeting the requirements of our customers,” Mr English said.

With a carrying capacity of 82,300 DWT, dual-fuel engines, 120 metric tonnes crane capacity, and ‘tween decks, the vessels will be the largest, most environmentally friendly, and technologically advanced carriers in the G2 Ocean fleet, and be well suited to the company’s long-haul pulp trades.

With an overall length of 225 meters and a beam of 36 meters, the vessel design has been designated as ‘Pulpmax’. Dedicated deck space on either side of the accommodation has been incorporated into the vessel design for the future installation of fuel tanks for alternative fuels.

“This contract for four newbuildings marks a significant milestone for Gearbulk as these vessels are set to be the largest and most efficient in the company’s history,” said Kristian Jebsen, CEO, Gearbulk Holding AG.

“With this investment, we are not only enhancing our operational efficiency but also reaffirming our dedication to meeting the evolving needs of global trade. It’s a proud moment for Gearbulk, and we look forward to the positive impact these vessels will bring to our customers.”