PATRICK Terminals is introducing nine electric terminal trucks and charging infrastructure into its Fremantle operations.

The project is backed by $2.5 million in funding from Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) as part of the Driving the Nation Program.

That investment is part of a larger $75-million funding package from the federal government, targeting electric vehicle projects.

Patrick said bringing a fleet of electric terminal trucks into its Fremantle operations is also a priority initiative of the terminal operator’s decarbonisation plan.

Patrick Terminals CEO Michael Jovicic said the project is a positive step towards electrification and emissions reductions in Patrick’s Fremantle operations.

“The project, supported by allocation of $2.5 million from ARENA funding, allows Patrick Terminals to lead the port industry’s transition to electric vehicles, deploying nine cutting-edge battery electric terminal trucks and fast chargers at our Fremantle operations,” he said.

“The introduction of electric terminal equipment at our Fremantle operations is an exciting initiative that demonstrates our ongoing commitment to investing capital in our Fremantle terminal to support longevity of port operations whilst also aligning with our commitment to decarbonising our operations.”

The WA government noted the new fleet would replace eight diesel models at the terminal.