Fremantle Ports and the Port of Nagoya will continue their 40-year twin-port relationship which was founded on information-sharing and cooperation. 

A delegation from the Port of Nagoya visited Fremantle to mark the two ports’ agreement to continue collaboration on common issues in the decades ahead. 

The twin-port agreement was established in April 1983 and has seen the two ports exchange information and expertise on a range of port issues. 

Fremantle Ports CEO Michael Parker said it was a time in which ports needed to cooperate and learn from each other. 

“In particular, sustainability, supply chain efficiencies and precinct activation are three areas where Fremantle Ports can learn from Nagoya,” Mr Parker said.  

“Nagoya is the largest port in Japan by tonnage, with significant knowledge in land-side logistics and optimisation of supply chain efficiencies.” 

Nagoya is best known as the country’s major exporter of Toyota motor vehicles.  

“They are also advanced in the pursuit of carbon-neutrality, establishing a net-zero target by 2050,” Mr Parker said.  

“Initiatives include conducting research on the use of hydrogen, developing incentives for vessels with superior environmental performance and examining further opportunities for on-port energy generation.” 

Mr Parker said Nagoya also had plenty of experience in place enhancement, having successfully redeveloped precincts for public enjoyment over several decades.  

“In the redevelopment of our heritage areas of Victoria Quay, and contributing towards Future of Fremantle discussions, we can learn much from Nagoya’s experiences,” Mr Parker said. 

While in Fremantle, Nagoya Port Assembly vice-chairman Tomoya Yamashita said Port of Nagoya’s relationship with Fremantle Ports was as strong as ever.  

“I am extremely pleased and honoured to be able to visit the Port of Fremantle in this commemorative year,” he said.  

“Our two ports will continue closely exchanging information and optimise our relations into the future.”