AUSTRALIAN companies exporting to the European Union face added data requirements from June, as part of the upcoming third release of the EU’s Import Control System 2 (ICS2).

In a notice to customers CMA CGM reminds shippers that all cargo, whether for deep sea or short sea, that is discharging, transhipping in the EU, Northern Ireland, Norway and for the cargo remaining on board, must adhere to the Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) requirement.

The new release, scheduled for 3 June, will introduce the need for additional data elements in the ENS, beyond that currently required, and is essential for enhancing the security and safety of customs pre-arrival procedures. 

The EU Customs will now require the inclusion of a 6-digit HS code, Buyer and Seller information or the EORI number of the supplementary declarant (Economic Operators Registration and Identification), along with a new mandate for House Bill of Lading submissions.

The necessary data can be submitted through a single complete ENS by the shipping line, provided all data is available or through multiple submissions by the shipping line, freight forwarder and EU consignee. For multiple submissions, the shipping line will need the EORI number of the supplementary declarant.

The European Commission has planned the ICS2 deployment in three phases:

Step 1: Maritime and inland waterways carriers, from June 3, 2024 to December 4, 2024.

Step 2: House Bill of Lading filers, from December 4, 2024 to April 1, 2025.

Step 3: Road and rail carriers, from April 1, 2025 to September 1, 2025.

CMA CGM says it is working to upgrade its systems to seamlessly incorporate shipper data for ICS2 filings.

“We will provide you with further details on this process, specific requirements and our planned go-live dates shortly. Rest assured, we will keep you updated on our progress and when we are ready to commence filings into ICS2,” the carrier said.

For more information about ICS2 – Release 3, please visit the European Commission’s website at the following link: Import Control System 2 – Release 3 – European Commission (