AN IN-PRINCIPLE agreement between TasPorts and the Australian Maritime Officers Union has brought marine pilots’ industrial action to an end.

TasPorts pilots had been escalating industrial action against their employer since 19 January. The pilots recently suspended work stoppages and bans as negotiations progressed, but reinstated them on 5 February before lifting them again earlier today (7 February) ahead of a meeting between the two parties.

And at today’s meeting TasPorts and the AMOU reached an in-principle agreement which provides marine pilots with a 12% salary increase over three years, according to TasPorts.

The ports corporation said it also provides productivity improvements and associated payment as well as retaining the current vehicle allowance for the life of the agreement.

“The agreement sees our marine pilots rewarded fairly for their valuable skills and expertise,” TasPorts CEO Anthony Donald said.

“It will also see the resumption of full marine pilotage services across our ports, following the lifting of all protected industrial action as confirmed earlier today, which provides confidence to customers and communities.

“This is being communicated to all customers as a matter of priority.”