A PROGRAM of bed-levelling is underway in the port of Devonport following similar work in Burnie that successfully increased alongside depth at several berths.

Polaris Marine’s tug Edi, fitted with rake and blade sweeping equipment, arrived in Burnie from Lakes Entrance on 20 April, towing barge Constructor 3, before beginning an 18-day seabed levelling campaign in the port, to restore declared depths and safe navigation within port limits. As part of TasPorts seabed levelling campaigns, no material is removed from the port; however it is swept and relocated from high points to low points to increase port depths.

TasPorts says the work saw positive increases in depths across the berth pockets at Berths 5, 6 and 7. The depths at Berth 5 and 6 increased from 9.5 metres to 10.5 metres and are complemented by an increase at Berth 7 to 11.4 metres.

“This successful result has exceeding current customer requirements for the port and will ensure berth serviceability whilst TasPorts plans future medium and long-term dredge works for Burnie,” the company said.

The campaign was undertaken in alignment with TasPorts Environmental Standard – Seabed Levelling, which supports the organisation in its commitment to complete their works with consideration of the impacts on both the community and the environment.

Edi switched to Devonport on 9 May where TasPorts is now undertaking a larger 40-day seabed levelling campaign within the port operational waters.

The tug has been gainfully employed with such work this year, having already completed similar assignments in Bunbury and Melbourne.