THE AUSTRALIAN Maritime Safety Authority has published a further three tender opportunities today (16 February) on AusTender for asset maintenance work on its aids to navigation (AtoN) network. 

And the Australian Maritime Systems Group (AMS) will rebid for the work after it lost the contract following 22 years of service.  

AMS Group CEO Glen Marshall told DCN last July, when AMS was told it lost the contract, the company was “disappointed by the result of the tender process – after 22 years we’ve been deemed unsuitable”.

Mr Marshall told DCN on 9 February that AMSA would have trouble replacing AMS and that AMSA would have to “lower the standards that have become expected by the shipping industry”. 

AMSA executive director response Mark Morrow dismissed that claim.   

“It’s disappointing that AMS would think in any way that AMSA would reduce its standard to the shipping industry and our mission speaks for itself in terms of what AMSA’s position is,” Mr Morrow said.   

Mr Marshall was contacted by DCN on Friday (16 February) to see if his company would be applying for the three tender opportunities. 

“AMS Group is excited about the opportunity to re-bid for the complex maintenance of Australia’s AtoN network,” Mr Marshall said.

“The public stoush between AMS Group and AMSA is water under the bridge, with our organisation focused on quality service delivery and positive outcomes for the shipping industry. 

“The challenge for AMSA has been to go to market in a short time frame and the size of that task is evident because it is a complex network comprising many unique challenges for maintenance service delivery and the tenders released are light on detail. 

“There will be lots of questions from industry, including AMS Group to clarify exactly what AMSA expects of its contractors. 

“This lack of detail against the backdrop of a highly complex system of structures and technologies positions AMS Group well.” 

The three opportunities relate to the remaining regions (New South Wales, South Australia, and Northern Territory) in the new regionalised model for maintenance service delivery on the network, bringing the total opportunities for Australian asset maintenance businesses to eight.   

Another tender for central technical support and logistics will be released shortly. 

“More Australian businesses than ever before now have an opportunity to secure this government contract work,” AMSA’s Mark Morrow said. 

“Forget your bricks and mortar government buildings, these assets are anything but ordinary.  

“Some of our lighthouses are close to 200-years-old. Our beacons and buoys meanwhile feature some of the latest technology, all designed to keep seafarers and our seas, safe.”