A $1.35-MILLION contract has been awarded to Western Australia’s Dongara Marine to build two new patrol vessels for the Department of Transport. 

The vessels will be built in the Mid West, and added to DoT’s compliance and education patrol fleet. 

They will join a third vessel which is being upgraded by Dongara Marine, following the award of an $1.8 million contract last year for refurbishment of several vessels. 

Thermal imaging technology will be part of the navigation system for one of the new state-of- the-art vessels, providing improved search and rescue ability when supporting WA Police.  

The improved navigation systems on DoT vessels will allow a thermal imaging camera to enhance the chances of detecting a vessel, person or object in the water at night. 

The upgraded vessel should be complete in October and the two new vessels are due for delivery by May next year, replacing craft about to be decommissioned. 

The new patrol vessels will be built to be transported by trailer, powered by twin 250 and 175 horsepower outboard engines and capable of travelling at more than 40 knots. 

The vessels are designed to meet the construction, stability and safety standards for operations up to 30 nautical miles off the coast and will be used for a range of tasks across DoT – including emergency environmental response.     

The design of the new vessels, with soft sides, provides easier interaction with other craft minimising potential damage in bad conditions and they’re easier to launch and retrieve, making them perfect for conducting remote patrols and rescue missions.