WALLENIUS Wilhelmsen has added to its collection of 2023-24 customer contract successes, announcing it has recently signed another significant multi-year deal.

The new agreement, with an unnamed leading global player in the premium car segment, is valued at more than US$1 billion over three years and covers both shipping and logistics services, as well as the use of biofuel. The contract started in1Q 2024 with rates in line with current market levels, the company says, and has a mutual two-year option.  

Lasse Kristoffersen, WW president and CEO, said the multi-year contract allowed for better long-term planning and extended predictability both for the customer and the PCTC/Ro-ro operator.

“We see manufacturers shifting priorities and increasingly looking for solutions which provide predictability in their supply chains. In this case, it means longer-term contracts encompassing both logistics and shipping services. This goes hand in hand with Wallenius Wilhelmsen’s goal of being a total solution provider in finished vehicle logistics,” Mr Kristoffersen said.   

This contract includes the use of biofuel. “Environmentally conscious customers recognize the urgency when it comes to decarbonizing global supply chains. Using biofuel is a strategic decision for this customer,” Pia Synnerman, WW chief customer officer.

So far this year WW has announced four significant multi-year customer contracts, confirmed eight orders for its new 9300 CEU Shaper-class PCTCs (with eight more options) and reported record results for 2023.