BASS Strait shipping specialist SeaRoad on Wednesday commenced its new weekly transhipping service for the Bass Island Line.

The service comes after a regular Victorian port call was dropped from the Bass Island Line schedule.

SeaRoad won the tender to transport BIL’s King Island freight between Devonport and Melbourne, replacing BIL’s Victorian port call.

SeaRoad executive chairman Chas Kelly said the company was successful with its bid because it presented “seamless” and efficient Bass Strait transport.

“With Bass Island Line sailing to West Devonport, partnering with SeaRoad provides a financially sustainable option for its operator, TasPorts, and meets customer demand for a Devonport call,” Mr Kelly said.

SeaRoad expects to transport approximately 20 TEU per week for BIL via its vessels SeaRoad Mersey II and Liekut.

Mr Kelly said securing the tender supports the company’s growth strategy, following more than 18 months of significant infrastructure and equipment investment in both Devonport and Port Melbourne, as well as the announcement of a new-build vessel due for completion in late 2023.