Sunday 18th Nov, 2018

INDUSTRY ANALYSIS: The Rise of Global Trade Wars

Paul Bettany takes a closer look at the USA’s weapons of choice… the use of trade sanctions and tariffs to effect change in existing trade agreements

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CURRENCIES, GEO-POLITICS & TRADE: Markets in the age of Trump

Paul Bettany takes a look at currencies, geopolitics and how they impact upon international trade

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INDUSTRY OPINION: Storms threaten international markets

International trade is set to be buffeted by a host of geo-political issues

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INDUSTRY ANALYSIS: The Economy and how Foreign Exchange Impacts the Freight and Customs Industry

BY DEFINITION the Freight/Customs industry is exposed to Foreign Exchange (FX) risk, as it deals with foreign currency receipts and…
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INDUSTRY OPINION: Trade in the age of Trump

MARKETS have been seriously disrupted by the announcement of new trade policies by the Trump Administration in the US. Trump…
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