Monday 19th Nov, 2018
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US port named Best Green Seaport

The award was bestowed at the annual Asian Freight & Supply Chain Awards

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What a load of rubbish: IMO steps up the fight against marine litter

Just how can we combat the problem of plastics in the ocean? Experts in Nairobi hope to find the answers.

IMO efforts to promote slow steaming may come with risks for isolated nations.

International associations call for ship recycling convention to take effect

The IMO Hong Kong Convention was adopted nearly a decade ago, but ship-recycling countries have yet to adopt its provisions for safe ship recycling

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INDUSTRY OPINION: Plain sailing – how traditional methods could deliver zero-emission shipping

The days of sail may yet return as an eco-friendly way of moving freight by sea

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Aussies mindful of biofouling, report finds

THE Australian public places “substantial value” on the protection of the environment from new marine pests, a report has found….
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Carbon capture a possible way to reduce emissions at ports

A European port is exploring an innovative way to combat greenhouse gas emissions

Car carrier enters Port Kembla; Photo: NSW Ports

NSW Ports to introduce environmental incentive for shipping lines

In an Australia-first program, NSW Ports aims to reward companies using vessels with better emissions performance

Photo: Pilbara Ports Authority

Pilbara Ports practices for emergency

The Port Authority hosted a series of exercises boosting preparedness