THE International Forwarders and Customs Brokers Association of Australia is the only member-owned industry association in Australia dedicated to international freight forwarding and custom broking services. The organisation is a key player in influencing and disseminating industry knowledge while also representing members’ interests through advocacy with Australia’s regulatory bodies involved in international trade and ongoing professional development and education.


For businesses engaged in international freight forwarding, customs broking, supply chain management, transportation, and other facets of the logistics industry in Australia, IFCBAA acts as a collective voice.

IFCBAA brings together industry participants to promote co-operation, knowledge exchange, and the creation of best practices, which eventually helps the Australian logistics services sector grow and remain sustainable.

Providing a forum for industry stakeholders to network and collaborate is one of the main purposes of IFCBAA.

Through its conferences, networking events and meetings, IFCBAA promotes business and professional relationships, idea sharing, and the creation of partnerships. Networking is especially vital in an industry as complex and interconnected as logistics, where effective collaboration amongst stakeholders is essential to efficient operations and service delivery.


IFCBAA’s presence is essential to professional growth and knowledge exchange in the logistics services industry. We assist in providing our members with industry-specific knowledge, best practices, and the newest trends by arranging seminars, workshops, and training sessions. IFCBAA presents face-to- face Diplomas in Customs Broking and International Freight Forwarding, as well as several industry-relevant and mandated short courses.

Apart from facilitating connections and exchanging expertise, IFCBAA represents the concerns of its members. When interacting with relevant government agencies, industry oversight committees, and other pertinent parties, we speak for all our members. We have an impact on the economic climate for logistics services in Australia through promoting the appropriate removal of trade and commerce barriers, solving issues unique to our industry, and lobbying for necessary changes to legislation.

IFCBAA conducts research and analysis to offer insightful information on international trade statistics and trends that have an impact on the logistics services industry in Australia.

Industry experts, policymakers, and other stakeholders can access a greater body of knowledge because of the work that IFCBAA does through industry studies and market analysis.

Members benefit from this research-driven approach, which keeps them up to date on the most recent advancements and provides them with the knowledge they need to make wise business decisions.


Referrals to trusted industry experienced professional advisors is another advantage of IFCBAA’s business membership. These services assist member businesses operating in the logistics sector with their strategic and operational objectives. These services include discounted prices for different company services, industry-specific publications, insurance coverages, and legal guidance.

Through the provision of these support services, IFCBAA assists its members in navigating the industry’s intricacies and effectively addressing shared difficulties.

Affiliate members of IFCBAA are individuals and businesses who provide services to member businesses, with these membership types benefiting through their access to member information and brand recognition via IFCBAA’s member news information and variety of options to take partnership positions at IFCBAA’s many professional development and social events that occur throughout the year.

IFCBAA plays a vital part in Australia’s logistics services sector in a variety of ways. Through lobbying, research, networking, knowledge exchange, and member services, we support the industry’s expansion, professionalism and sustainability.

Peter Gregory is the IFCBAA company secretary

This article appeared in the February 2024 edition of DCN Magazine