QUBE is taking its Picton facilities in Bunbury entirely off grid.

The ASX-listed logistics company on Tuesday (30 January) announced a “significant investment” in solar energy.

Qube unveiled a 268-kilowatt solar system at the Picton facility, with a solar system installed across the rooftops of Qube’s warehouse, maintenance and administrative facilities.

The system feeds a 309 kilowatt-hour battery energy storage system on site.

Qube director of bulk Todd Emmert welcomed Qube’s first off-grid facility.

“We are also proud to welcome four light electric vehicle chargers to our Picton site, as we transition all Qube light vehicles to electric,” he said.

“My hope is that Qube’s Picton site will provide a template for what is possible with the right mix of available space and technology and will become the first of many ‘off-grid’ facilities in the Qube network.”

Qube said it has a role in enabling Australia’s energy transition and in helping achieve the nation’s emission reduction goals by trialling and investing in technology.

“Transport is a hard to abate sector but by working together, sharing insights and trialling new technologies and alternative fuels, we can help create a cleaner future for our industry and the country,” Mr Emmert said.

“We are committed to industry-leading de-carbonisation plan, with an aspirational goal to reduce our scope 1 emissions intensity to zero by 2050.”