DP WORLD has called on the Maritime Union of Australia to re-engage in “constructive” negotiations and stop its protected industrial action.

The MUA commenced protected industrial action in early October after negotiations for a new enterprise bargaining agreement collapsed.

In a statement today (7 November) DP World said the MUA is employing tactics “aimed at creating confusion and jeopardising efforts by DP World to find solutions to minimise the disruption caused by the PIA”.

“The union has issued three notices of its continued PIA in the last week alone, constantly changing and adding to its list of bans. This is having strong repercussions for not only DP World, but Australian businesses who rely on the consistent flow of goods in and out of the country,” the company said.

“DP World is calling for an end to these diversionary strategies and urges the union to instead return to the negotiating table.”

The company said that due to stop-work bans, DP World employees received 14% less in their pay packets over the first two weeks of October.

“With bans intensifying over the last two weeks, this figure jumped to 26%,” the company said.

“As a result of the PIA, an average of $1104 of income was lost per DP World employee in October.”

MUA assistant national secretary Adrian Evans said DP world was “lying about their workforce”.

He said the protected industrial action, which is “lawful, reasonable and measured, is only being pursued because of this company’s dogged refusal to engage in the negotiation process in good faith”.

“In fact, we had asked to meet today but the race that stops the nation has become the race that stops negotiation,” Mr Evans said, referring to the Melbourne Cup race taking place on the day.

“Dubai Port’s Australian managers are harming their own clients through their refusal to meet but the ball is truly in their court.”

DP World Oceania executive vice-president Nicolaj Noes said the company’s commitment to the economic growth and infrastructure development of Australia remains unwavering.

“Our primary focus at DP World is to ensure an unhindered and dependable supply chain for Australia,” he said.

“We call upon the CFMEU-MUA Division to resume constructive dialogue and refrain from actions that disrupt this vital national infrastructure.”