SVITZER Australia is installing a new simulator at its Port of Newcastle base under a contract with Norwegian technology company Kongsberg Digital.  

The simulator will support crew training as Svitzer prepares to deploy its new TRAnsverse tugboats, which are due to enter service in Newcastle in early 2025.

The contract covers delivery of a training suite comprising a full-mission 360-degree K-Sim Navigation simulator configured as a trug bridge, and a part-task 180-degree K-Sim Navigation ship’s bridge simulator.

The package also includes an advanced instructor system with a CCTV system for monitoring and debriefing, comprehensive training for instructors and a warranty for the entire system.

Tug masters and marine pilots would train on the simulator. The suite is slated for delivery in the second quarter of 2024.

“We are committed to investing in safe, reliable, and efficient maritime solutions and to providing the latest and most advanced training and technology for pilots, tug masters, and other maritime professionals,” Svitzer Australia chief operating officer David Phillips said.

“Kongsberg Digital met all our criteria in terms of quality, price, delivery time, support, and warranty.

“Their collaboration with AMC Launceston, which has modelled the Maersk/Robert Allan TRAnsverse Tug, brings added value and we are looking forward to working with them closely on this project and future opportunities.”

Are Føllesdal Tjønn, managing director of maritime simulation at Kongsberg Digital, said Svitzer Australia represents a “fresh partnership” for the simulator provider.

“[Svitzer’s] drive to leverage integrated simulation training across extended distances showcases the potential for experts in diverse domains to collaboratively participate in a singular simulated exercise, enhancing realism and training efficacy,” he said.

Svitzer and Kongsberg said there are further opportunities to connect the Newcastle simulator with other simulators around Australia and the world, integrating training over long distances.