CONTAINER supplier Royal Wolf has opened a new container facility in Hobart.

The new facility, built on 12,000 square metres of land in Cambridge, includes self-storage services and container hire, sale and modification operations.

It replaces the company’s site in Brighton, north of Hobart.

Royal Wolf Australia managing director Neil Littlewood said the company was proud to announce the opening of the dual-purpose facility.

“By moving our Hobart branch to Cambridge, we hope to be more accessible to local trades, businesses and the general public,” he said.

The self-storage facility comprises 72 containers in three different sizes (eight feet, 10 feet and 20 feet).

It also includes security systems such as 24-hour camera surveillance, pin-code entry and the company’s so-called Wolf Locks on all containers.

Mr Littlewood said Royal Wolf is aiming to meet increasing demand for storage in the region.

There is also a workshop and paint shop on site repairs and modifications.

“We’re growing our modifications pipeline in Hobart,” he said.

“If someone wants a container modified, whether it be the addition of a window, door or ventilation system, or they want it turned into an office, lunchroom or anything else, we can do that locally.”

Mr Littlewood said wastewater filtering systems and energy-efficient lighting was installed at the site to help reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

“At Royal Wolf, we are constantly looking at ways we can improve our business practices across all facets, and our new Hobart facility is a great example of this.”

Royal Wolf specialises in the hire, sale and modification of new and used shipping containers.

Earlier this year, the company used containers to build a facility at Port of Melbourne for staff working on the Swanson Dock West remediation project.