BIMCO has launched a campaign to reduce waste from single-use plastic bottles on ships.

The organisation has partnered with reusable bottle brand Ocean Bottle to create co-branded bottles for use at sea.

BIMCO said up to 1.75 billion plastic bottles are used on ships each year, and plastics that are properly managed on board can still be mismanaged after they are discharged on shore.

The organisation hopes the reusable bottles will encourage ships and crews to opt for sustainable alternatives such as onboard water supplies or larger dispensers.

“We’ve learned from members who have successfully implemented initiatives to remove single-use plastics bottles from their ships that providing crew with a reusable bottle, alongside other actions, can make a big difference,” BIMCO’s head of intergovernmental engagement Bev Mackenzie said.

“Over half of the companies that recently completed a BIMCO survey are already providing such bottles.”

BIMCO estimates an onboard water system costs a quarter of what it takes to provide water in single-use plastic bottles.

The organisation said it has evidence that refills can save more than 2300 kilograms of carbon emissions per ship, per year.

“Whilst solutions exist, we still have work to do and will be working with our members to support them in selecting onboard systems and bottles to best suit their needs,” Ms Mackenzie said.

“What we do know is that our industry’s small steps in phasing out single-use plastic bottles could have a big impact.”

BIMCO said it plans to distribute the reusable bottles among its stakeholders, leaders and volunteers over the months.