INLAND Rail has completed its official transition to operating as Inland Rail Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of the Australian Rail Track Corporation.

The change came into effect on 1 May, completing a process that began in July last year with the appointment of a new, independent board of directors for Inland Rail.

Robert Rust was appointed chair of the board, and Nick Miller the CEO of the new company. Mr Rust had also served as interim CEO prior to Mr Miller’s appointment.  

“These organisational changes are in line with the Australian government response to the recommendations of the independent review of Inland Rail, released in April 2023,” Inland Rail said in a statement.

The independent review, led by Kerry Schott, had highlighted “major deficiencies” in the governance and delivery of the vast Inland Rail project, prompting a leadership overhaul and initiating the creation of this new company.

“Inland Rail has also recently completed the finalisation of our new executive leadership team that will provide the organisational structure that supports our focused development and delivery schedule,” Inland Rail said.

And construction of the Inland Rail is progressing, the most recent milestone being an 18-hour track possession on Monday (6 May) which closed the Albury line for demolition of the Green Street west abutment.

Ed Walker, Inland Rail Program Delivery Director Beveridge to Albury said work is progressing quickly in Wangaratta with lots of construction activity planned for the coming weeks.

“Our contractor, McConnell Dowell, will be demolishing the remaining sections of the Green Street bridge, moving ahead with the construction of the second west platform and starting work at the entrance to the station,” he said.